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Western Province Caterers is a South African owned business started in 2006 offering innovative, quality catering in the Western Province.

We offer our clients a diverse range of catering concepts and services in the healthcare, retirement, corporate, industrial and education sectors.

WPC has a hands-on senior management approach, and together with our specialist support services and world class training facilities, we are positioned to offer a high level of catering service.


Western Province Caterers' philosophy towards food service is to keep it refreshing and nutritious, to ensure that it's always about the people and the love of food. Balancing this personalised approach with quality and professionalism has proven to be the perfect ingredients for success.

The Retirement Sector requires skills and knowledge and a high level of quality assurance that is diligently implemented by our Catering Manager. The unique and special needs of this market is carefully tailored for by our Executive Chef through on-going menu research and development.

In order to alleviate menu fatigue, social events and promotional meals are planned to add a varied dimension to the residents' day.

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