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Volunteering Opportunities in Durbanville:

Volunteers working together
Volunteers working together

Durbanville, a town nestled in the Western Cape province of South Africa, is a wonderful place for seniors looking to engage in volunteering activities. This semi-rural residential suburb, part of the larger Cape Town metropolitan area, is surrounded by picturesque farms producing wine and wheat [1].

The residents of Durbanville, especially those at Zonnezicht, a thriving retirement village, actively contribute to their community. These seniors believe that retirement marks the start of a new chapter, a chance to utilize their rich experience and skills in meaningful ways.

In Durbanville, there is no shortage of volunteer activities that cater to various interests and capacities. For instance, you can participate in the Community Befriending Programme, providing companionship and emotional support to fellow community members. Volunteering with local charities is another popular option, enabling you to support causes that are close to your heart.

Moreover, many schools and parent associations in Durbanville welcome seniors' involvement in event organisation, knowledge sharing, and more. These opportunities not only provide a way to remain active but also help in fostering intergenerational connections, bringing different age groups closer together.

What's more? You can even bring along your newfound friends from your volunteer activities to enjoy the various facilities that Zonnezicht offers, such as its well-equipped gym, indoor heated pool, and superb dining facilities. So, why wait? Give Hannelie a call at 082 573 7676 for a personal tour of Zonnezicht. You can also explore more about this fantastic community online at

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